The Golden Reels – I won’t call them the “First Annual”

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Every year countless blogs and critics debate the annual Oscar nominees and winners. Who was snubbed? Who shouldn’t legally be within 500 yards of a nomination? You know, the usual questions. So instead of joining in the diatribe (Even if it is warranted. For crying out loud, where’s the love for “The Informant!”, Oscar?!) I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands. I’m creating my own response to the Academy Awards and have thus named them “The Golden Reels.” I pick the nominees and you get to pick the winners. It’s as simple as that. You have until midnight on March 7th to cast your votes. You can vote on each category once a day. On March 8th, the winners will be announced and we will proudly beat our chests and thumb our noses at Oscar (all while secretly wishing we could have been there). The only catch is that my nominees are coming strictly from the movies I have seen this year (truth be told it is a lot but I still missed a few. I’m only human.). Out of the 10 nominees from the Academy for Best Picture, I’ve only missed one – “An Education.” Some other notables I’ve missed out on or that simply haven’t been in theaters here yet include “Crazy Heart,” “Brothers,” “Two Lovers,” “The Messenger,” “The Lovely Bones,” and “The Last Station.” And there is no rhyme or reason to the number of nominees in each category. I’m not assigning an arbitrary number to any category. Can you narrow it down to 5 or bump it up to 10? If I think it’s worthy of a nomination, I put it in. Like I said, these are our awards and we’ll do what we want.

Ok, ok, so it isn’t a perfect system, but it’s mine and that’s all that counts. And I’m allowing write-in votes so if you see a category that you think deserves someone not on my list of nominations, pencil it in. Come back every day and pencil it in again. Who knows? Maybe it’ll win. Let’s see the other guy’s golden trophy go to a write-in.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get to voting!

*I discovered after posting this that the Motion Picture Sound Editors guild (or MPSE for short) has an annual awards ceremony called…wait for it….The Golden Reel Awards. My lowly blog awards were not named after them and in no way was an intentional “ripping off,” if you will, of their namesake. If you have any suggestions for a new name for my blog’s awards, I’d love to hear them!


~ by reeltoreel on February 5, 2010.

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